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Residential Roofing...

A home is usually the biggest investment ever made in life, which is why it is important to protect it from weather conditions with the highest standard of roofing, protecting your roof for years to come. First Choice Roofing Services are one of the most trusted roofing Companies in the South of England with our team of expert tradesmen, skilled in every area of roofing and external maintenance ensuring each and every repair is undertaken correctly.


What We Do for Homeowners

As trained and experienced contractors, the First Choice Roofing Services team provides everything from new roof installations to repairs and replacements.

We can produce and install:


Flat roofs for large scale properties, and any size roofs on extensions, garages, porches, outbuildings

Pitched slate and tile roofs

Chimney stacks and vents for all buildings

Polycarbonate sheeting for conservatoires, extensions, garages, porches, outbuildings

Rooflight installations and repairs on all types; Velux, polycarbonate, glass

Bespoke roof solutions


Do You Need Help with Roof & Gutter Cleaning?

We offer regular maintenance schedules for and cleaning of guttering, valleys, gulley's and box gutters as well as moss removal with traditional methods of hand and brush application, without the use of harsh chemicals.


Rapid Response Emergency Roof Repairs

Contact us for quick response and emergency repairs from storm damage.


Why Choose First Choice Roofing Services ?

Wherever you're based in the area, you can enjoy the same quality workmanship and high-standard results delivered within your budget.

Our teams of experienced contractors are trained to be thorough and efficient in every aspect of their work, from making extensive repairs to dealing with homeowners, landlords and tenants. Their job qualifications include:


Following safe work procedures

Inspecting for signs of asbestos

Practising first aid on the job

Disposing of waste under EA standards


We undertake regular training on work safety standards and roof installation techniques, so that our customers can rely on our workmanship to last for many years.



From point of initial enquiry, we will aim to have an assessor booked to visit you within 24 hours and in some cases able to react same day, also offering early evening and weekend appointments.

Your quotation will be furnished by email and/or post within 24 hours of our visit.  With our diverse teams, all works are job specific and if your works are urgent, please let us know and we will advise when we are able to undertake the works.

Final invoices are raised after completion of works and are payable within 7 days.

Company Backed Guarantees are issued upon remittance.

Call us today on 01420 477395  - 07739 320526 or send us an email to schedule a visit.